About Us

We are a group of active, experienced real estate investors as well as those learning to become involved in the industry. Employing MasterMind concepts, we commit to support and advise each other in creating wealth through investing in real estate here in Hawaii, on the US mainland, and internationally.

We come together regularly to share deals, funding, expertise, and resources. Every member is important, and everyone has something to contribute. The group is non-profit. It is run by members, all of whom are local real estate investors. In addition to our regular group meetings, we also have regular rehab tours of real deals in progress.

What you will NOT find here, is sales pitches, MLM-pitches, high membership prices, or negativity! We are real investors doing real deals, (you will see our deals) and we’re all here to network with like-minded people, share our investing experiences, learn from each other, and DO DEALS! West Hawaii REIA is open to all levels of real estate investors. Each member and guest will be respectful of each attendee. No member or guest will promote any business, venture, idea, that is not related to real estate. Want to be an investor, but haven’t done your first deal yet? No worries! Our meetings are a great place for you to start learning and hearing what other seasoned investors are doing and not doing.

We look forward to meeting you!